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ouch June 30, 2005

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so my sister is in bermuda and my brother is going to peru tomorrow…
my fabulous vacations will have to wait…
in the meantime, i can be happy that i don’t have to worry about this:

“While it is been written that this fish enters the urethra of human bathers (one article – Lins, Journal of Urology, 1945) claims a U.S. navy surgeon named Charles Ammerman operated on three candirú victims, in one case slicing into the bladder to extract the fish. Now, it is certain it does based on a recent report of a human having urinated while in the water and the Candirú entered through his penis opening. The catfish had to be surgically removed at a hospital in Manaus. The disbelieving urologist (Dr.Anoar Samad) who performed the operation was not certain at first the fish was in the urethral tract but x-rays proved it was in there stuck. (Information verified by Dr. Paulo Petry, Bio-Amazonia Conservation). The Candirú is considered by some to be the only known vertebrate to parasitism human beings, however that is an erroneous postulation. Truth is the fish enters humans more by accident than design, fortunately it is rare occurrence they enter human bodies! Schultz (Piranhas – Fact and Fiction, 1964 and Myers, 1977 Piranha Book) related some interesting stories of this fish. One in particular having to do with Candirú being found in drowned bodies of mammals. Schultz states Candirú “can hollow out the entire body and when these mammals are pulled to shore, the Candirú fall out!” He also related a local belief that “Candirú would follow the stream of urine of a person standing on the banks of a stream, to get into the urinary tract!” Of course that is not true.

This little catfish has been known to enter the gills of fishes where its parasitic nature takes over by feeding on blood and bits of flesh. Such is the nature of this miniature beast—a vampire-like to say the least! A smaller Amazonian fish, dubbed the vampire catfish, was recently discovered in the Araguaia River of the Amazon Basin. These transparent little fish are shown in deeper detail (see Fink image above) entering the gills of a fish.”


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