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July 22, 2005

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ahh, yes. like i said. fridays.

internal memo of the day to my boss (‘m not the author): (some names have been blanked out so as not to incriminate any criminals)

“The members of the _______ are asking as separate entities, not as persons with any affiliation to ____, if you will be coincidentaly arriving at the same location as the members formally known as ____ to imbibe conservative amounts of alcohol as to avoid any semblemce or possibility of inebration?”



July 21, 2005

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This past week was hellish on my psyche. I got home last night and I
was bummed out to the point where I was actually voicing things like,
“What is the point of a stagnant life, where you work your ass off,
just to pay your bills to break your ass, just to go back to work again
to be broke again…etc.”  I didn’t say “etcetera.”  Aaron
distracted me with treats and a movie clip on ebaumsworld called
“Rubber Johnny.”  It wasn’t as creepy as everyone said, but the
makeup is really quite nice.  Then I found things to be thankful
for, such as, “Wouldn’t it suck not to have an ass crack?  or to
have one leg right down your center – you’d have to hop everywhere, and
you’d have one butt cheek” and “Wouldn’t it be terrible to be eaten
alive by a dead cleft-palate baby?”  The joys of life! 
Really, when you think about it, it’s not so bad.

Free at last!  I finally got a library card last week.  It’s
like a Christmas present, except they don’t wrap the card in
santa-paper, but you do get an extra card for your keychain!  And
you can’t keep the book without fines of 50 cents per day, but you can
certainly steal it and let the fines pile up!  For serious, folks.
Library’s what I’m talkin’ about. 
Why didn’t I get my library card like a year ago? It really beats
sitting at Book People for an hour so I can read a book without buying
it while I’m broke. The tragedy is that my first trip to the library, I
had a list of 8 books that I wanted to check out, all of which were
already checked out, so now I have to wait… or run over to Book
People this weekend.

I did really fun things this week too… like spend a good twenty minutes yesterday before work on this adorable website – Animals and Onomatopoeia and also things like go to Mojo’s with Nathan
and read and ignore eachother entirely.  Well, that’s what we
planned to do, we wound up talking instead… but NEXT TIME! 
Everyone is invited to my snobby, “We’re all reading at the coffee shop
and not talking to eachother”-Happenings.  Rock.


being pissy brings out the jew in me. July 20, 2005

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Oy vey ismier.

dreck. dreck. dreck. sometimes the workplace makes me wish… not that i worked somewhere *else* but that i lived on another planet where one does not have to have a job at all. i think it’s shitty that someone can be a schmuck to you with no remorse simply because it’s your job to take it. sortof like the people that leave their shit on the table at a restaurant, make a super-mess, tip like crap and say “well, it’s their job.” i hate that shit so much.

dreck dreck dreck. a customer made me cry at work in front of everyone yesterday. idiot customers don’t usually get to me, even if their swearing like motorists (harhar) and being condescending ego-maniacs. it was odd. the cfo came by and kept hugging me and telling me, “never to speak to that bad man again, and some people are just bad at heart and its hard to except that.” i appreciated the concern, but it was infinitely more embarrassing, and he instigated my bubbling fountain of tears even further. i went home and aaron got me vashnukad at chuy’s. then i went home and wished for today to wipe away yesterday and fell asleep before 8:30pm.

so now it’s a new day and *still* people can kush meer in toches.


Suck My Dick July 17, 2005

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I have a new favorite band. They grabbed my boyfriend’s balls and creeped me out. I am in so much smit right now.

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lushface, gimme yer keys July 12, 2005

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i hung out with franky last night at the hole in the wall. that place is so convenient. and mondays – whooooooa, mondays. dollar beers. ALL NIGHT. plus there are always cigarette-scouts trying to tempt you with free packs of cigarettes and who am i to deny them their right to give away free stuff?didn’t eat very much. got loaded off about 5 beers within 3 hours. it was weird. i think franky slipped sumthin’ fancy in the divine brew that is lonestar. we walked over to le mojo’s and hung out with old-cronies of le resistance (ALSO WEIRD – weird weird weird!) to see the hebe among hebes perform his magic tricks for us. he didn’t write a song for me like he wrote a song for franky, but after i asked him to dedicate a song to me, he did – stevie wonder.  um, then i felt weird and drunk and got in my car and drove home. i am so so so not dead right now and it is a miracle.  LET’S HEAR IT FOR BEING A DRUNK WEIRDO! WOOOO!  liz and nathan showed up after an hour of avi’s set and they left not too long after. aaron was supposed to meet me but there was some miscommunication and he doesn’t have a cell phone so i just waited and he just waited for me. dumb.



have a good day.


the end.



perry logan July 11, 2005

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a c t v

oh wow. i found perry logan on actv. so scary.
my boyfriend isn’t home right now. i’m afraid perry logan is going to eat me.

I wanted to see more. I couldn’t help myself, so I emailed him. For anyone interested in seeing the show on actv while you’re loaded – here is the info that Perry Logan e-mailed me:

Thanks for writing. My show is a “floater,” which
means it has no fixed schedule. This was my choice in
setting things up. It sounded cool to float around

But it’s not so cool when someone wants to see the
show. How’s this? I’ll send you e-mails with
schedules of my upcoming shows. Then you’ll always
know when they’re coming.

You can visit my website, where I put up the latest
information. Also, the schedule of all ACTV programs
is posted at I should
probably get a regular series, so people will always

I invite anyone who likes the show to call 478-8600 &
request specific episodes. They really do play what
you ask, & then you’ll know for sure when theyre


i haven’t fallen, i’ve flown away

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1) melodrama. done with it.

2) i wish more people read that i cared about read my livejournal – then i could really use it as an outlet to reach everyone at once. unfortunately, some of the people i care about most don’t care for the computer-thing.

3) i miss carrina. i will call her.

4) jason blogged from peru. you should read it:

I wrote it out in stones where the road divides.
I walked you home and the path was high.
Believe me, believer!
I’ve seen your run,
And I’ll raze your faith until the vein is done and dry

Tell me when you slow down at all,
And stay around,
I’m coming home

I’ve been there soon
Have you had your days?
The sky is fine.
We’re all blown away unknown
Wasted all the way to the fall
Before i’m inside,
You’d better know!
-R. B.