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rainbomb July 8, 2005

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woke up to unconfirmed stories of terror in the streets of london. wasn’t shocked somehow. the stories intermixed with our marionette-elect saying terror.terror.terror.hunt them.won’t yield. as if to tell the world, “i told you so. me me me.” my morning thoughts are always hard to exercise before they’ve been properly caffeinated. but they jumped to family, friends overseas and back to the g8.

“if you don’t go to work today in light of the recent terrorist act, they’ve won.”
“if you’re not proud of your country, they’ve won.”
“if you think about what they did, they’ve won.”
“it is not uncommon in our day and age for this sort of thing to happen.”
“this happens to london, they are not unfamiliar with this kind of thing.”
“worst terrorist act since ww2.”
“french are jealous of the olympics being held in london.”

“this will go on to frighten the people into speaking up to their government and changing things.”

“the revolution will not be televised.”

these conditions have been created and borne out of the powerful. police-state camera’s and zero-guns did not save london yesterday. violence will not die while it is constantly perpetuated by violence.

i was baptized on the way into my apartment last night with a chilling rain and ushered into my door with a mighty gale. i saw water faeries dancing in the rain, people coming outside just to watch. i saw lightening so awesome, branching out like a wizened old oak tree into the night sky. the dry ground was forgiven, and i can breathe outdoors.


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