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i haven’t fallen, i’ve flown away July 11, 2005

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1) melodrama. done with it.

2) i wish more people read that i cared about read my livejournal – then i could really use it as an outlet to reach everyone at once. unfortunately, some of the people i care about most don’t care for the computer-thing.

3) i miss carrina. i will call her.

4) jason blogged from peru. you should read it:

I wrote it out in stones where the road divides.
I walked you home and the path was high.
Believe me, believer!
I’ve seen your run,
And I’ll raze your faith until the vein is done and dry

Tell me when you slow down at all,
And stay around,
I’m coming home

I’ve been there soon
Have you had your days?
The sky is fine.
We’re all blown away unknown
Wasted all the way to the fall
Before i’m inside,
You’d better know!
-R. B.


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