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perry logan July 11, 2005

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a c t v

oh wow. i found perry logan on actv. so scary.
my boyfriend isn’t home right now. i’m afraid perry logan is going to eat me.

I wanted to see more. I couldn’t help myself, so I emailed him. For anyone interested in seeing the show on actv while you’re loaded – here is the info that Perry Logan e-mailed me:

Thanks for writing. My show is a “floater,” which
means it has no fixed schedule. This was my choice in
setting things up. It sounded cool to float around

But it’s not so cool when someone wants to see the
show. How’s this? I’ll send you e-mails with
schedules of my upcoming shows. Then you’ll always
know when they’re coming.

You can visit my website, where I put up the latest
information. Also, the schedule of all ACTV programs
is posted at I should
probably get a regular series, so people will always

I invite anyone who likes the show to call 478-8600 &
request specific episodes. They really do play what
you ask, & then you’ll know for sure when theyre


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