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lushface, gimme yer keys July 12, 2005

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i hung out with franky last night at the hole in the wall. that place is so convenient. and mondays – whooooooa, mondays. dollar beers. ALL NIGHT. plus there are always cigarette-scouts trying to tempt you with free packs of cigarettes and who am i to deny them their right to give away free stuff?didn’t eat very much. got loaded off about 5 beers within 3 hours. it was weird. i think franky slipped sumthin’ fancy in the divine brew that is lonestar. we walked over to le mojo’s and hung out with old-cronies of le resistance (ALSO WEIRD – weird weird weird!) to see the hebe among hebes perform his magic tricks for us. he didn’t write a song for me like he wrote a song for franky, but after i asked him to dedicate a song to me, he did – stevie wonder.  um, then i felt weird and drunk and got in my car and drove home. i am so so so not dead right now and it is a miracle.  LET’S HEAR IT FOR BEING A DRUNK WEIRDO! WOOOO!  liz and nathan showed up after an hour of avi’s set and they left not too long after. aaron was supposed to meet me but there was some miscommunication and he doesn’t have a cell phone so i just waited and he just waited for me. dumb.



have a good day.


the end.



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