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being pissy brings out the jew in me. July 20, 2005

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Oy vey ismier.

dreck. dreck. dreck. sometimes the workplace makes me wish… not that i worked somewhere *else* but that i lived on another planet where one does not have to have a job at all. i think it’s shitty that someone can be a schmuck to you with no remorse simply because it’s your job to take it. sortof like the people that leave their shit on the table at a restaurant, make a super-mess, tip like crap and say “well, it’s their job.” i hate that shit so much.

dreck dreck dreck. a customer made me cry at work in front of everyone yesterday. idiot customers don’t usually get to me, even if their swearing like motorists (harhar) and being condescending ego-maniacs. it was odd. the cfo came by and kept hugging me and telling me, “never to speak to that bad man again, and some people are just bad at heart and its hard to except that.” i appreciated the concern, but it was infinitely more embarrassing, and he instigated my bubbling fountain of tears even further. i went home and aaron got me vashnukad at chuy’s. then i went home and wished for today to wipe away yesterday and fell asleep before 8:30pm.

so now it’s a new day and *still* people can kush meer in toches.


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