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July 21, 2005

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This past week was hellish on my psyche. I got home last night and I
was bummed out to the point where I was actually voicing things like,
“What is the point of a stagnant life, where you work your ass off,
just to pay your bills to break your ass, just to go back to work again
to be broke again…etc.”  I didn’t say “etcetera.”  Aaron
distracted me with treats and a movie clip on ebaumsworld called
“Rubber Johnny.”  It wasn’t as creepy as everyone said, but the
makeup is really quite nice.  Then I found things to be thankful
for, such as, “Wouldn’t it suck not to have an ass crack?  or to
have one leg right down your center – you’d have to hop everywhere, and
you’d have one butt cheek” and “Wouldn’t it be terrible to be eaten
alive by a dead cleft-palate baby?”  The joys of life! 
Really, when you think about it, it’s not so bad.

Free at last!  I finally got a library card last week.  It’s
like a Christmas present, except they don’t wrap the card in
santa-paper, but you do get an extra card for your keychain!  And
you can’t keep the book without fines of 50 cents per day, but you can
certainly steal it and let the fines pile up!  For serious, folks.
Library’s what I’m talkin’ about. 
Why didn’t I get my library card like a year ago? It really beats
sitting at Book People for an hour so I can read a book without buying
it while I’m broke. The tragedy is that my first trip to the library, I
had a list of 8 books that I wanted to check out, all of which were
already checked out, so now I have to wait… or run over to Book
People this weekend.

I did really fun things this week too… like spend a good twenty minutes yesterday before work on this adorable website – Animals and Onomatopoeia and also things like go to Mojo’s with Nathan
and read and ignore eachother entirely.  Well, that’s what we
planned to do, we wound up talking instead… but NEXT TIME! 
Everyone is invited to my snobby, “We’re all reading at the coffee shop
and not talking to eachother”-Happenings.  Rock.


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