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August 12, 2005

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i drove over a little possum night before last. i killed it dead. i’ve never hit an animal before… there was no way i could have missed it.

i found a list of contacts i’d forgotten about… i’ve had a chance to talk to about 15 old friends i’ve been out of touch with for 2 or 3 years. dear people. i hope we get to see eachother soon. i have a really uncomfortable couch you are all welcome to sleep on.

my ability to drop off the face of the earh for months and years at a time is a finely honed skill. no one should take it personally (except you, scumbag!) – it’s a tick. a habit. buy me presents and i’ll stay in touch.

i missed out on seeing de la soul tonight. it’s sold out. i know, i would’ve bought in advance if i had the cash, but i didn’t so SHUTUP.

i am going to go see a j. jarmusch film with bill murray tonight.

i got a raise.

i have a headache.


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