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bank of the tone. August 13, 2005

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really FULL, good-feelin’ Saturday. i dyed my hair the color of poop, but magenta poop. it was supposed to be browish/red. aaron says it’s eggplant. i will try to rock it. you don’t know how difficult that is without having tattoos. i won’t cry about it because it’s funny. luckily i mistakenly picked up the non-permanent, which means a good sweat and i’ll have purple running down my neck. faaaaaabulous.

louisa and i got coffee and went el grocery h-e-b to pick up some lunch material. then we had lunch. we rented documentaries – one about jews and one about russians. we didn’t get to watch them because louisa’s mom came over and we all went to goodwill, where i bought a keyboard for $20. we went to another goodwill and louisa haggled a keyboard from $40 down to $20. i am looking forward to hours of amusement from these things.

we stopped on the way home to get some fredericksburg peaches. louisa’s mom asked the seller some questions about people she knows in fredericksburg, making small talk. he said “with all these sandniggers coming in and puttin’ up convenient stores everywhere…” louisa’s mom: “ex..excuse me, what’s a sandnigger?” “iranians and arabs and…” i went back to my car with a bag full of wonderful peaches.

other stuff too, but i don’t recall at the moment. i am going to attempt to make the rest of me look hot before i go to the attack formation cd release show at emo’s.


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