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“You don’t know what I’ve got…” August 21, 2005

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I hate the Beach Boys.  Not because their music sucks… in fact,
it’s almost guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and make me long for
the “good ole days” I never experienced.  The theme that pops up
in their songs very often, however, is not one that makes me smile.
Ever ever ever. I hate cars.  I always have.

When I was about 10 or 11, I used to have nightmares that my brother
got his driver’s license and we’d drive down a hill in Tahitian Village
in Bastrop and the brakes would go out. Whoops, we’re dead. My mother
and father always took us car shopping with them.  I don’t know
why – I used to make it hellish for them.  I complained
visibly  and dramatically. “The smell of cars makes me feel sick.”
” Look, I’m gagging.”  “I have a migraine.”  They bored me,
they stink, I hate salesman… All of my worldly debt can be traced
back to cars: buying them, maintaining them, not maintaining
them.  “I’m never going to drive.” Hey – this worked out for my
parents.  I had no desire to drive early and so, never bugged them
about it. I’ve got a personal chauffer, what do I need a car for? 
I discovered later in my teenage years that I would need a vehicle for
independence, something *worth* dying for…
So. I forked over $376 dollars yesterday  for what turned out to be a glorified
tuneup and now I am broke, and my car still sounds like it has
something personal toward me. Here is the shit-talking I did on the
internet about the place
I went to when I thought my car was going to explode: 

I just got jipped $400. I took my car in because
when it was idleing, the car would shake violently. I took it to
PepBoys because a lot of the nearby shops were closed – it was Friday
after 5pm. I wouldn’t normally go to a chain shop but I needed my car
repaired so it would run during the week and I could get to work to
make money to replace the money I had just spent on fixing this… I
went in and told them what was happening with the car, they asked if I
was due for a tune-up and an oil change and I said yes. I was quoted
$254. They called me and told me I needed to replace all kinds of
gasket covers and whatnot. That shot the price up to $370. They called
me, told me it was ready. I drove it off the parking lot toward home
and it was running just as poorly as before, causing nearby drivers to
stare at my loud and shaking vehicle. I turned back around to PepBoys
and opened my hood, looked in it and of course it looks the same and I
don’t know what I am looking at. I know I agreed to the tune-up, but I
was going back to find out if one of the mechanics who worked on my car
could give me any idea of what I was looking at and what I would need
to do. Since I just paid them $400, I thought they could do me the
courtesy of giving me their “expert” opinion. The general manager asked
me if he could help and I told him I just picked up my car and wondered
if anyone who worked on it had any idea why it was shaking like it was.
The manager asked what I had done, and I pulled out the receipt. He
said, “The work order says “Runs rough” not “shaking” and that is
different, now we’d have to bring it back into the shop and run a
diagnostic on it.” As if the guy listening to my description and
writing “runs rough” was my fault! I said, “I can’t pay for that right
now, I just paid you everything I had, all I want is an idea of what I
am looking at.” Instead of trying to find one of the mechanics who
worked on it, he said, “Now I’m not familiar with your vehicle, so we’d
have to run the tests in the shop.” One of the workers behind him piped
up, “It has exhaust problems.” I asked him what and he said “Pretty bad
exhaust leaks.” HMM. I wonder why no one called to tell me THAT.

A friend of a friend came over and looked at the car. He is going to
hook me up with a deal.  Right now, I am driving to work and back.
I will make a few exceptions.  Apparently it won’t blow up, but
I’d rather it not die on me, either…


Day Three of “Not Smoking:” I’ve had
about 4 cigarettes since I started this on Friday. Disappointing, but
considering the circumstances, not so bad…  The shit always goes
down as soon as I decide to quit. Ain’t it beautiful?


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