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Because lists are what I make January 18, 2006

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  1. Check danceration-locations.
  2. File taxes – get measly return.
  3. It’s interesting how rad myself and others turned out in spite of being sent to private schools.
  4. Write about why this is, later.
  5. Vinny’s has tasty ravioli.
  6. Go to work. Again. Like ya do.
  7. I will have Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland’s wittle babies, but first we will have hot sex.
  8. Tina’s kid (my future neice/nephew) will have hot, wittle cousins if I do, indeed, have this hot sex with Keifer.
  9. Think on religious and parental expectations and how they’ve shaped personal existence/experience.  Do this much later.
  10. I’m gonna tell
  11. Aaron hates my pop-girl voice. Once I start I can’t stop. I hope I don’t get dumped.
  12. By the End of Tonight: A Tribute to Tigers = listen to it. This is good.

A list January 12, 2006

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  1. I got drunk by myself last night
  2. I am so glad I am not dating anyone from West Virginia (anymore)
  3. I need to get dressed for work, but I am putting it off 
  4. This is an unlucky number in China and real estate value decreases if it appears in the address (so I was told yesterday)
  5. Nookie
  6. Aaron’s cd is closed to finished; I heard it last night and it rules (not just because…)
  7. Sometimes, when I sneeze, I pee a little (I think there’s a drug for that…)
  8. I am making coffee in some strange contraption I won at the office Xmas party
  9. I have a Texas-shaped bowl filled with red-and-white mints (approx. 100) (a man at work puts two on my desk every day/I don’t eat them)
  10.  I quit smoking 11 days ago; I have, however, had (1) cigarette since then and found it particularly unsatisfying
  11. Whenever I feel afraid, I don’t whistle a happy tune – although I’ve known since “The King and I” that it may help
  12. I’m not currently afraid, but I feel nervous a lot
  13. I will (hopefully) get this girl (THAT girl) drunk this weekend
  14. Dancing solves everything and that’s a fact, yo
  15. Sometime today (as every day) I will make a list of things I need to accomplish within this shabby 24 hours we’re given in a day and probably accomplish only 30% of the things on it
  16. I get creeped out by Egypt: I am intrigued by it’s beautiful history but ALIENS (ps: I learned last night that the Israelites couldn’t have possibly built the pyramids… just fyi)

Seven of Clubs January 6, 2006

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My Destiny Card. Thanks, O, Louisa, Lady of Divination.

Whaddaya think? Does it fit? I guess it has to… I was born on 4/27/1983. Deal with that. I have spirituality oozing out of me. Are any of you Jack of Spades? You OWE me.

Little chinese lady to the right is a Seven of Clubs. Ain’t she sweet?


The Card of Spiritual Knowledge

All sevens are highly spiritual cards but it is up to the individual to manifest this spirituality and to turn negativity into accomplishment. The Seven of Clubs challenge rests in the negative aspects of the mind which are worry, doubt and pessimism. They have much inherent inspiration and insight, but when they don’t follow it, Saturn’s influence brings much despair and sometimes depression. They have power to overcome their problems and to attain the fame and recognition they secretly desire, but they must apply themselves diligently. They are likely to have large sums of money at different times in their life, but often they spend it as fast as they get it. All their difficulties in life can be traced directly to their thoughts. So the Seven of Clubs, more than any other card, has a great responsibility to maintain positive, healing thoughts. Any contact with spiritual thought or ideals is sure to have a positive effect on them and is highly recommended.

Your Karma Cards are the:

Eight of Diamonds ( You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way) Jack of Spades (This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way)