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A list January 12, 2006

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  1. I got drunk by myself last night
  2. I am so glad I am not dating anyone from West Virginia (anymore)
  3. I need to get dressed for work, but I am putting it off 
  4. This is an unlucky number in China and real estate value decreases if it appears in the address (so I was told yesterday)
  5. Nookie
  6. Aaron’s cd is closed to finished; I heard it last night and it rules (not just because…)
  7. Sometimes, when I sneeze, I pee a little (I think there’s a drug for that…)
  8. I am making coffee in some strange contraption I won at the office Xmas party
  9. I have a Texas-shaped bowl filled with red-and-white mints (approx. 100) (a man at work puts two on my desk every day/I don’t eat them)
  10.  I quit smoking 11 days ago; I have, however, had (1) cigarette since then and found it particularly unsatisfying
  11. Whenever I feel afraid, I don’t whistle a happy tune – although I’ve known since “The King and I” that it may help
  12. I’m not currently afraid, but I feel nervous a lot
  13. I will (hopefully) get this girl (THAT girl) drunk this weekend
  14. Dancing solves everything and that’s a fact, yo
  15. Sometime today (as every day) I will make a list of things I need to accomplish within this shabby 24 hours we’re given in a day and probably accomplish only 30% of the things on it
  16. I get creeped out by Egypt: I am intrigued by it’s beautiful history but ALIENS (ps: I learned last night that the Israelites couldn’t have possibly built the pyramids… just fyi)

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