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Because lists are what I make January 18, 2006

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  1. Check danceration-locations.
  2. File taxes – get measly return.
  3. It’s interesting how rad myself and others turned out in spite of being sent to private schools.
  4. Write about why this is, later.
  5. Vinny’s has tasty ravioli.
  6. Go to work. Again. Like ya do.
  7. I will have Jack Bauer/Kiefer Sutherland’s wittle babies, but first we will have hot sex.
  8. Tina’s kid (my future neice/nephew) will have hot, wittle cousins if I do, indeed, have this hot sex with Keifer.
  9. Think on religious and parental expectations and how they’ve shaped personal existence/experience.  Do this much later.
  10. I’m gonna tell
  11. Aaron hates my pop-girl voice. Once I start I can’t stop. I hope I don’t get dumped.
  12. By the End of Tonight: A Tribute to Tigers = listen to it. This is good.

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