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Abort Emotion. July 17, 2006

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This weekend went OK:

Friday, I had to go to ACC to make another irritating step toward registration. (You’d think they would have a better outline of the processes and documents needed for registration by now… It’s quite the pain in the derierre!)  I should be excited about finally going back to school, but right now I am just exhausted (and I haven’t even started classes yet – BAD SIGN!) and nervous. I have to take a stupid math test on Wednesday.

I swear I need some kind of anti-anxiety drug because I am constantly worried. Which is what enflamed a single comment into a 2 hour conversation with Aaron on Saturday morning, which resulted in me crying like a baby and him feeling like a retard. 
You know, one of those “I don’t feel like I turn you on anymore” conversations. Yeah. Dumb shit. We love eachother so much and we tell eachother everything and I guess we have to find out something to argue about every once in awhile.  <le sigh>

I ran into Jen while picking up Louisa from work. I feel so bad because I consistently blow her off. Little things get in the way of it. 
I wound up getting “roped” into going to a Digital Media Art Show (AMODA) at the Copa on Saturday night and had to bail on our beer date because the cover charge there was less than appealing to her, which I completely understand, just getting over a financial rash myself and buying cheap drinks as a salve for said rash. I will do my best to actually get a date with that chick who I love yet never see.

I have a gyno-date with a friend of mine. HA! (Wheeee!)

I talked to my mom for a few hours on Sunday. She sounded really good. It was super nice to talk to her. I need to be more consistent in calling my fam. 

I also managed to do some dishes. My house is a friggin mess. It’s intolerable. I just haven’t been home. And while I was home, I had to fit in a practice test and couldn’t clean up as much as I wanted.

AHHHH!  My sister is having a baby! I will have a niece/nephew soon and I am planning to go up there right after the baby is born in September!  YEEHAW! 

The job front is fine. It’s annoying for a number of reasons. A lot of little things that add up, you know? I wouldn’t say I am unhappy with my job. Overwhelmed? BUT! Aaron bought me flowers that look like this. They are on my desk. So lovely!

Yesterday, I also found out something that I didn’t know. Found out a secret. About someone that I love. 
This secret did something to me. It made me less angry, but also sad. Less angry because there is now a valid excuse for otherwise inexcusable behaviors….. sad because….. well, it wouldn’t be right for me to tell YOU the secret, now would it? I
 cried a bit, but not enough. Not enough to really let it sink in…to let this new weight drop. I’m sure I’ll get over it. 

What a strange world we live in.


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