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August 24, 2006

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irene update: 

having amazingly sexy dreams lately.

new laptop.

got ticket to see my sister (and i didn’t have to pay for it – double SCORE) and her new baby yesterday.

2nd fight (will tell about my adventures in extreme fighting in a later entry) went off without a hitch on saturday.

amazing writing ideas keep coming to me – i just have to write them – (in my mind, i totally rule).

read motherless brooklyn by jonathan lethem and am reading dry by augusten burroughs.

saw brick last night (joseph gordon-levitt was at the fight on saturday).

got ticket for my inspection being out yesterday. now driving boyfriend’s sister’s car until i buy cheap new car next month.

classes start next monday, orientation this saturday.

i have been hanging out at epoch a bit, but haven’t really seen my friends much lately. i will get un-busy soonish.

i weigh too much.

i’d like to get out of the country on vacation soon, please.

my ex-roommate just got a job in europe/this makes me jealous.

i have a post-mod-art tan. unfortunately, no pictures to prove as much. 

i discovered charlie white.

i heard, for the first time, of goatse (sp?)/was implored by friends not to view image (or tell my brother that i didn’t know what is was) and only read wikipedia. still goatse virgin. 

bought breakfast two days in a row for everyone at work. how nice of me.


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