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BHT August 29, 2006

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I woke up yesterday morning with BHT. 

I had just gotten out of the shower. My towel was wrapped around me. I combed my hair. I picked up my toothbrush and toothpaste and lifted the brush to my teeth. They were covered in the darkest, greenest plaque from hell. And my tongue was black. I ran into the bedroom and woke up boyfriend: “What did I eat last night?” “Huh?” “What did I eat? My tongue is black.” Turned the light on. “You didn’t eat dinner. You had a Wal-dryl and 3 Pepto-Bismol tabs.”

At this point, I didn’t know if I should go to the doctor or what was going on. “Do you feel bad?” “No.” Does your tongue HURT?” “No.”

Aaron googled “tongue disorders” and “black tongue” and found from multiple resources that it was harmless and usually caused by a high amount of sulphur in the saliva due to drug reaction, dehydration and stress. Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I was deemed well and went to work after brushing my teeth and tongue for about 20 minutes until only the far back of my tongue was discolored.

I found THIS on Pepto-Bismol’s website! They even mention it!  IT IS SO GROSS!  I can’t believe this happened to me! I am NEVER taking Pepto again!

I probably didn’t drink enough water. And I had taken a Wal-dryl for my allergies, fallen asleep with a sleepily-chewed tab in my mouth. Ewwww. Ecccchhhh. Blechhh.

Black. Hairy. Tongue. 



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