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Bishie Japanese Dildos August 31, 2006

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Ok. So I admit that I geek out over these dolls. What?  Shut up!  They’re cool!

Fun BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll or Dollfie) Facts from Wiki:

  • 200% of Dollfie collectors will take at least thirty pictures of their prized possession within the first hour of ownership.
  • 95% of Dollfie collectors are batshit insane and beleive that their dolls have souls and personalities of their own.
  • 110% of male Dollfies are bisexual; they are gay for other dolls and straight only for their owners.
  • 90% of male Dollfies are dressed in dresses instead of male clothing, due to the demand for bottoms in doll yaoi and shota.
  • 10% of Dollfie owners wish to marry their doll or consider cheating on their spouse with one.
  • Half of the Dollfie population have Japanese names. The other half have Elvish names.
  • Any time two Dollfie owners are in the same room together, their dolls will be photographed having a hot, resin-covered sexual encounter with each other.
  • Whenever a new limited edition doll is released, collectors will automaticaly sell their older dolls and other worldly possesions so that they may buy it. This is so that they can remain a bigger fan than the other collectors.
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