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dear gas stove, November 2, 2006

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i am so happy to have you in my life again. i have used you many times since moving to this place last month, as i have not yet purchased a microwave. but today, when i lit up your flames under my pot of water, the sensational smell of you and the wonderful roar you made bursting onto the scene were comforting like the afghans that grandma made or the matzos balls mom made with seltzer water.  i haven’t had a gas stove for awhile now. not since i lived in new york, i think. but there, the scent also meant winter – i’d bang on the radiator, lay a wet blanket on top of it so the dry, hot air wouldn’t claw at my throat.

it’s just slightly cold in this house now, and the warmth you permeate while boiling the water for my manischewitz veggie soup reminds me not only of new york winters, where you and the gas space heaters were my main source of heat walking on the hardwood floors in my knit socks, but also of the tilty-house i lived in outside of dallas, in commerce, texas.  many pots of chicken noodle soup and kettles of tea were heated by you.  you caused some trouble, letting your pilot light go out all the time: i had to get super long matches to relight you about every 6 times. but now, in this hyde park home, you seem to get down to business.

lightin’ it up, cookin’ it up and warming up my home.

potholder pats,


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