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end of a year-a December 27, 2006

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christmas was great! (and exhausting!) now for the second round of christmas with my family who doesn’t celebrate it until the 7th! it’s like an extended christmas.  it’s still on december 25th, but it’s on the julian calendar.  it’s really not that complicated or weird, i promise. good. warm. happy. fuzzies. chocolate. wine. smiles. gifts. creamed-everything (not my pants! creamed spinach, cauliflower, potatoes, foods, etc. shame on you pervert).

today. promotion happened. increased pay and benefits begin next week. working extra this weekend for it, but what can ya do? getting a new car. decorating house. created great tshirts i am proud of. registered for fancy new classes.

more things. later.


my robert brezsny for the week December 20, 2006

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TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Happy Holy Daze, Taurus! I’ve been
meditating on the perfect holiday gift for you. What item might inspire
you to take maximum advantage of the cosmic currents in 2007? I’ve
decided on *Winning With Integrity: Getting What You’re Worth Without
Selling Your Soul,* a book by sports agent Leigh Steinberg. It’ll help you
be both smart and heartful as you navigate your way through the
negotiations you’ll be called on to do in the coming months. Here’s a
taste of Steinberg’s advice. (1) Align yourself with people who share your
values. (2) Learn all you can about the other party. (3) Create a climate
of cooperation, not conflict. (4) Learn to listen. (5) Convince the other
party you have an option, even if you don’t.

jobs. don’t really want one. i’d like to ride on a moped in the french countryside, eat breads, cheeses and drink good wine.
and that’s basically it. i’m an aspiring lazy fat-ass. you don’t even have to have a degree for that.  however, maybe i should see what Leigh Steinberg knows that i don’t about being a slave workingman in our classist society and negotiating without selling out. everyone sells out. everyone’s a whore. (aren’t i darling?)  anybody have a copy i can borrow?



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my friend got wasted last night. had to pull her out of the cab and lay her on my neighbors lawn. cabby and aaron helped carry her into the house. she would not come to. not even to tell us to go to hell or vomit.

i feel guilty because i was drinking with her, but i honestly have no idea how she got THAT fucked up. fuck. she’s ok, but jesus.


wabi sabi

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“That which is not slightly distorted lacks sensible appeal,” wrote poet Charles Baudelaire, “from
which it follows that irregularity–that is to say, the unexpected, surprise and astonishment–is an essential part and characteristic of beauty.”


tis the season December 18, 2006

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things haven’t been bad. i am still disappointed in people and plans.
i can’t be everything to everyone. and i guess they can’t be everything to me either.
i am tired. lewis black hit the nail on the head when he said that we made up the new year and it’s our way of setting everything in nice little compartments. and yet i will be happy when this year is over. 2006 was le suck.