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flora y fauna February 14, 2007

Filed under: aaron,flowers,the office — slova @ 6:49 pm

oh, and since it’s valentine’s day, i thought i would rub THIS in your faces!

loverpant's floral design #42

my sweetheart is divine.


5 Responses to “flora y fauna”

  1. Tiffantastic Says:

    purty. i need to take photos of mine. snapdragons, purple calla lillies and some pink roses that look like they have dark pink freckles. my man has good taste.

  2. slova Says:

    i’m sure that was gorgeous. aaron’s got mad design skillz. and taste. he’s started picking up some really good accounts for his design and i’m hoping that takes off so he isn’t stuck on the labor end of the business.

  3. slova Says:

    M: i got yr msg. i am thinking lunch this weekend.

  4. Tiffantastic Says:

    hell yeah. good for aaron. that’s exciting, and he definitely has the talent to go far in that.

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