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meh + feh + poo February 22, 2007

Filed under: friends,kvetching,marriage — slova @ 10:35 pm

i just found out that my old friend is engaged.

i feel sick.

and i feel weird for feeling sick about it. emotionally and physically sick even though we’ve been out of touch for a long time. the forefront of my brain says i’m not jealous, but these signs tell me my frontal ain’t working properly. but jealous of WHAT? i wouldn’t want to marry him, and i am more than ok with not being married. so it’s not that, that’s icky.

maybe it isn’t jealousy. maybe it’s the finality of things that makes me feel awful.

i tried not to be snarky when i found out, but my response was simply, “mazel tov! when? how exciting and settled.”

i actually said settled. what is my problem? i am so rude. but i’m annoyed!

why do people have to grow up? and change? why am i so horrid about keeping in touch with people?

i am in a bad mood right now.


4 Responses to “meh + feh + poo”

  1. Tiffantastic Says:

    so what’s the big idea on wordpress anyway? 🙂

  2. slova Says:

    i haven’t played with it too much. i have a mind to start blogging more.

  3. ddae Says:

    What? I’m not getting married!

  4. slova Says:

    ddae, if you were getting married, i’d be on my way to san fran to size up the ho, and then i’d talk shit about her to prick and spunk and beaner and sarah and andy and anyone else i know there. then i would drink her under the table and talk shit about her to you. kinda like when you were dating all those other people i didn’t like… ha! love you, miss you!

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