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and i let it pass. March 31, 2007

Filed under: aaron,drama,family,homework — slova @ 1:39 am

dad calls me to tell me that he thinks grandma had a stroke and is in the hospital and could i call his sister leslie (since they don’t speak to eachother) and find out which hospital she’s in. i get this in a message. i call leslie immediately, and she, exhausted, tells me that grandma had a “mini-stroke” (sounds cute, don’t it?) but is okay and now at home. so i don’t call dad back. he lives next door to them for god’s sake. retarded. i feel guilty.

aaron quits his job at the flower company and is working at i love video where they’ve cleared my late fees and now give me free movies for life. his hours are at night, when i get home from work. it will take some getting used to. maybe i’ll actually get some work done. i miss him already. but it’ll be a fine change.

i can never get myself to sit down to complete my coursework, because there is always something more interesting to be doing. like anything else besides that. and i feel guilty.

i am not going to the family reunion. i’m not going because i don’t want to put up with the inevitable bullshit, and if it is at it’s best, spend a week with a bunch of strangers i’m related to. i feel guilty. they’ll write me out of their wills. blacklist me from their inheritance receiving.


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