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delirium. April 13, 2007

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i have a low-grade fever: 99.4. cough. allergies.

cadbury fruit & nut. aspirin. green tea with ginseng.

watched shortbus.

listed work projects. delaying the work part.

national skyline musics putting me under its spell.

read vonnegut in memoriam.

lonely. tired. restless. jittery.


easter dress April 10, 2007

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Easter Shirt

“there’s nothing funny about a one-eyed bunny.”

easter shirt modeled by yours truly.


sophia loren is a slut. April 7, 2007

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i finally finished my boring 1500 word analytical paper comparing several assigned works, one if which was Don Quixote. thank you, monica, for giving me the inspiration to move on with it:

“knights used to have metal penises. that’s where we got the term ‘lubrication’ – because they had to oil them up…”

“when you go to medeival times they don’t give you forks or knives to eat with…”

Don Quixote and A Thousand and One Nights were really bad movies. i don’t think there’s a movie of that other one, but if there was, it would probably suck, too…”


cute as dead April 5, 2007

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i came home to find this drawing from aaron on the floor. he said i could have it. i love him. i love bear skulls.

do not steal this picture or i kill you and aaron kills you. or you give us money. then we don’t kill you.

oh, and i forgot to show everyone the picture an artist drew for us in exchange for a “trade” of a decorated change purse (cursive “bad motherfucker” and “forever starts now GIIIIRL”) that we threw organic substances (leaves, dirt) and change (nickels, pennies) into. what a bargain.

louisa & i = skeletor.


what am i? chopped liver? April 2, 2007

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no one invited me for passover this year! i’m serious! i’m seriously upset! (i am, however, stocked up on matzos.) i will go to the gym and work out – i’ll represent my people at the gym.

also, for anyone who thinks i was being a heartless bitch, i did go ahead and call my dad that night to let him know that grandma was indeed out of the hospital and at home (right next door). i come from such high strung people, man.

this free movie thing is awesome. we watched spike lee’s when the levee broke yesterday. very good. highly depressing. i’ll get used to this new schedule. i still get aaron on monday and tuesday nights. plus, way more opportunities for girls night on fridays and saturdays, eh?

i am getting a bunny.