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what am i? chopped liver? April 2, 2007

Filed under: aaron,bunnies,drama,family,friends — slova @ 5:54 pm

no one invited me for passover this year! i’m serious! i’m seriously upset! (i am, however, stocked up on matzos.) i will go to the gym and work out – i’ll represent my people at the gym.

also, for anyone who thinks i was being a heartless bitch, i did go ahead and call my dad that night to let him know that grandma was indeed out of the hospital and at home (right next door). i come from such high strung people, man.

this free movie thing is awesome. we watched spike lee’s when the levee broke yesterday. very good. highly depressing. i’ll get used to this new schedule. i still get aaron on monday and tuesday nights. plus, way more opportunities for girls night on fridays and saturdays, eh?

i am getting a bunny.


3 Responses to “what am i? chopped liver?”

  1. Tiffantastic Says:

    a bunny…no effin way. i’m obsessed with bunnies.

    ireeeeene *whine* quit making me miss austin. i hate you and your flikr photo account. despite the fact that i’m OBSESSED with (well yes, bunnies…and) portland right now, my hopes are to hop to the houston chronicle or press, then the austin american statesman, then portland tribune or the oregonian.

    and you’re not a heartless bitch. sounds more like they are. major explosive medical news isn’t enough to put things in perspective? jeez. that’s too much for your shoulders, reney.

  2. slova Says:

    haha. that was a belma impersonation, ja? oy. portland? hippie. 🙂
    so you’re trying to scoot the boot outta g-town? goint to h-town, then a-town, then granola-ville? that means you are moving back to austin? i think you’re old duplex is still for rent. haha. my new neighborhood is just as great as the old one. i really loved 78704, i don’t care what they say. but hyde park & north loop are equally radical. plus i have my new beloved coffee shop where the kids always are. i have to avoid it when i study – go somewhere else that i know i’ll only have a slim chance of running into anyone to distract me (it’s not very difficult). and lots of friends who live within walking distance.
    anyway, jumping around is good (but your new place is super cute and prolly cheaper than somewhere more metro!).

    aaaaaaaaaaand. easter sunday. it is upon us. dinner with the family. i bought chocolate shaped like carrots and bunnies and lambs.

  3. Tiffantastic Says:

    doooh, cutie cute cute.

    true about the house thing. but…im more about living somewhere that makes you actually want to go out and do stuff instead of sitting around in a cute house. right now that seems to be the only thing keeping me here.

    i feel you on the coffeeshop thing. that’s one thing i like about austin. you always have your hubs you can visit when you feel social, but you can spread out to other locales when you dont.

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