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gargle with the sap of life May 14, 2007

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oh my god. go watch the fountain. i mean it. it is nothing as advertised. it is so much more. i don’t care what the critics say.

 conquistadors, buddha, science, religion… a treeship that goes up to the star shibalba. it’s like dune meets apocalypto meets love story. i don’t know. WATCH IT!

sidenote: pirated movies are better. 5 pirated movies that are coming out this weekend on dvd in your home is insane.


2 Responses to “gargle with the sap of life”

  1. headrubby Says:

    Watched it two nights ago w/ Mon. Oh my god could it suck any harder? Where were her shoes? Why was there a big shoeless theme in the movie? Why do people keep giving money to Aaronofsky (sp-who cares)?

    “Wolverine like you’ve never seen him before- as a giant fucking pussy!”

    Such tepid crap. Why you did this to us?!?

    Side note- see Paprika. It doesn’t suck at all, at all.

  2. slova Says:

    uhm, i was high. but i still like it.
    also saw swimming to cambodia. it was so great, in a totally different way.

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