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nabaztag! May 25, 2007

Filed under: bunnies — slova @ 12:56 am

i want this cute, creepy, frivolous thing!

 also, Merry Christmas! BABY JESUS SHARK is born!


4 Responses to “nabaztag!”

  1. headrubby Says:

    My housemate bought one. Holy shit is it worthless. We teased him until he brought it to work so it wouldn’t be here anymore.

  2. slova Says:

    But isn’t it CUUUUUUTE? I could see how it could get irritating, hmm.

  3. headrubby Says:

    It ain’t $200 worth of cute, though. If it were like $20, I could understand, but ten times that? For a goddamn spruced-up alarm clock?

    This- THIS is why the Roman Empire fell.

  4. slova Says:

    iPod’s are about the same. Spruced up walkmen. Meh – if it’s not radical, then it’s not radical. If it’s radical, maybe it’s okay that it’s $200. Plus, HELLO, have you ever seen how much the toys at KidRobot can be? And this looks kinda fancy like some of those.

    PS: I KNOW they didn’t have talking alarm clocks in the year 476.

    PPS: My alarm clock sucks. It’s usually 3 stations blended together and I think I am being awakened in hell by demons. Mornings are scary.

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