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rubbin’. June 26, 2007

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some days: work is cream-pie-gravy-cake.

 i just got a 20 minute massage in between reports, courtesy of my boss.

the rest of the office is eagerly awaiting their turn on the table.


i’m not an alarmist, really.

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I just had a good little tearing up while watching a documentary called The Future of Food

I’ll be going to the Farmer’s Market more often and joining the local food co-op, thankyouverymuch.

It’s quite depressing.



PS: Everyone you know is going to die.

Oh, PPS: Monsanto is the devil, basically.


stop spleening me! June 24, 2007

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i need to start updating more. it gets to the point where so much has happened that i don’t even know where to start. 

i got to see jeaneane garafolo a coupla weeks ago.  aaron’s mom got us tickets for each of our birthdays.  that was fun.

 i am taking dad to see die hard 4 when it comes out this wednesday, as a father’s day gift. i’m pretty excited about it. i grew up with die hard (s) and this is pretty much a bonding thing for me.

 i watched “everything is illuminated”  – the movie… i was nervous about seeing it, but aaron had rented it, and gosh darnnit i was in front of the tv set, so whythehellnot.  it wasn’t exactly bad, but…  i think if Brod had lived today she would have added “the sadness of seeing a favorite book turned into a movie” to her list of sadnesses.

i’m veggie now. for lots of reasons.  i didn’t feel like causing unnecessary awkwardness at dad’s on father’s day, so i ate the ribs, but other than that, i haven’t had any desire to eat meat.

trying to exercise lots before giving up gym membership at the end of last month – and trying to get bike very soon. i am trying to cut out (or cut down) unnecessary bills so i can save money. save money for what, you say? for my plan.

my plan, my plan. oh man, oh man.