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the last coupla weeks… November 19, 2007

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warning: long, long post.



Wednesday, Nov 7  

My brother, Jason, has created a deliciously naughty new treat: Absinthe Lollipops! Yes, now you can discover the Green Fairy conveniently and discreetly (not to mention fashionably!) in the form of a carefree lolly!  I received my VIP samples in the mail on Wednesday of last week and since licking it into oblivion, feel enlightened and refreshed. I’m quite happy to announce that Jason’s lollipops will be hitting the Austin streets very soon.  But… since I know you can’t wait for “soon”, place your order directly by going to the website:  Did I suggest that these will make great Christmas gifts?  


Thursday, Nov 8

You know I’m taking Russian, right? A few weeks ago I brought up the idea of having a Russian Dinner Party, or Vecherinka (вечеринка). My professor jumped at the idea and announced that it would be at his home and that everyone should RSVP to me. Everyone was supposed to bring something. We ended up with quite a spread that ranged from every alcoholic drink under the sun, to caviar to Russian breads and cheeses, to (my contribution) herring in white cream sauce to blini. Fabulous, no? No. I arrive at my professor’s home as one of the first few. I am the organizer, I should be early. There are 4 other people there when I arrive. My classmate says to me as I put my things on a nearby table, “Irene, something’s not right with Professor.” Before I have time to process this ominous statement, I see my professor leaning over the grill of kielbasa, then falling as another classmate catches him. As they lift him up, he explains that the doctor gave him something for stress. He is perspiring like an Olympian athlete. He is seated, but determined to rise and light the grill. We convince him that he may not do well with lighting the grill, but he is adamant that he should stand and gather more items from inside his house. He stumbles, and then collapses again. Meanwhile, 3 classes from UT are invited as well as my class and approximately one guest per person. Lots of people. They’re streaming in. A chosen few I welcome, and then say to the side, “Something is wrong.” My professor isn’t very coherent, we can’t figure out what he’s taken. I ask his TA to please call his wife because I think this is an actual emergency and what do I do, this is scary? My professor, as host, wants to continue talking to people, and standing up falls to the ground again. I’m told to keep everyone happy at the party because the professor was not cooperating in their attempts to take him to the ER, and to continue entertaining everyone. Fuck. They manage to sneak him out of the house and to the emergency room where his wife arrives to take care of him. The message relayed from her is to continue the party without him, because that is what he would want. So we did. We stayed at the professor’s house, while he was in the hospital with an unknown illness, and we got drunk. Fuck. I am never organizing shit again. However, most people barely knew what was going on, and my classmates assured me it was a hit anyway, and they all helped me clean the place up. Later that week, I overheard someone at Epoch talking about this Russian party they went to, and I confirmed that it was my party. She said she had a great time and can’t wait for another. God. Awkward Vecherinka 2007. Do I win a prize for this?  As a side note, my professor is doing fine and I’ve been told nothing about what caused his multiple-collapse. чёрту!


Friday, Nov 9

So work happened. But after work on Friday, I went to see NBD at the Women and Their Work Gallery on Lavaca. Who’s NBD? Oh, just some of my most favorite kids around. NBD (No Big Deal) is badass. I’m not just saying that. You wouldn’t either. You would, however, laugh, groove and shake your ass. I can’t wait until they play again. This was their first show and I can’t wait until they play again. It could only get better – which is hard to imagine since it was the BEST. Gal Pal, the adorable, bite-sized songstress, can indubitably play the bass. Like, for real. The songs she lent her voice to reminded me of Prince hooks. I remember once was “I Want Your Saxophone” – it’s really sexy, and so was she and her bass. MC Kate Getty raps like a pro, (“AAAA-EEEE-IIII-OOOO-UUUU U wanna dance and sometimes Y aren’t you on the floor?”). She knows. DJ Jaunty mixes it all up with his super-sonic dj madness. His beats WILL rule the streets. Their climactic and perceptive “We Live in a Condo” gained my R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

BE at the next show.

Aaron, Lou and I went home, glammed ourselves up and went to the Beauty Bar to see Egyptian Lover. In preparation, we sprayed glitter in our hair, glitter everywhere. “Hey, Louisa! You have SO much glitter on your face!.” “Thank GOD.” While the glitter was amazing, as usual, the drinks were not. We each drank a mad-cash worth of vodka, or did we? We did not. Only shots at the Beauty Bar from now on, foolz.  Our breasts peaked like pyramids, we danced to the sounds of The Real Egyptian Lover. (PS: The last few djs-from-the-past shows I’ve been to have been slightly disappointing. Where are the costumes and the gimmicks? It’s one thing to be comfortable, but do you have to look so tired? You haven’t done anything for 8 years! Some show quality please? K, thx, bai!)

Saturday, Nov 10

Annoyed that I didn’t have the slightest hangover and feeling that I must not have had enough to drink (although my wallet begged to differ…damn you, Beauty Bar!), I remembered that today was the fight in San Antonio. My office job boss also owns the Xtreme Fight Championship, and I do some work for that outfit as well. I get free tickets, so remember to let me know if you’re interested in some EXTREEEEEEEEME fighting.

I rode to the Alamo City with a co-worker and her sister (nice gals). I haven’t been to San Antonio in ages! Since my 12th birthday, I believe. That time, however, it was to visit animals in cages at the San Antonio Zoo. But. Um. Wait. Yes, this time it was to see men (and some women!) in a cage as well. Hmm.  Before the fight we ate at the oldest restaurant in San Antonio, Casa Rio, on the River Walk. M-M-Mexicans! Delishes dishes, mija. For a play by play of the fight, read Mean Rachel’s account of the evening.

Sunday, Nov 11

I’m such a FLAKE! I missed my friend’s baby shower on Sunday. The hottest, sexiest muthahucka you’ve ever met is having a baby next month. In my defense, she does live in Buda, and after the ride to San Antonio and back the night before, and because I was going out of town on Monday and had a zillion errands to run, I didn’t make it. I still have to get the baby gifts to her though. Sorry, Jen! I LOVE YOU!

 Monday, Nov 12

Work again. Monday morning meetings again. Today’s different though. Today would be my very first business trip.  See, I came up with an idea that would save the company money and allow it to pursue other interests and invest in more desirable markets. That means that I am responsible for following through with the idea, and helping them with every step along the way. Cause, that’s how you’re rewarded in business: you get more work. Before lunch, we left from work to the airport. Me, and three bosses = 1 girl + 3 guys. We went to Ohio, near Cleveland.  When we arrived, we were met at the airport and taken directly to a fancy Italian restaurant to eat with the owners of this other company. And… we got drunk. Then we went to another bar. I was the belle of the ball. I drank these guys. I learned them in politics and most other non-work topics. It was great. I had my own hotel room. I fell asleep with Cruel Intentions on the TV

Tuesday, Nov 13


I had strange dreams about my hotel room, and awoke thinking there was a cat in the room. No more drinking in strange cities with only bosses and business. My alarm clock was 2 hours late, so I woke up promptly at 4:30am and took my Excedrin. I was prepared for an 8 hour day of meetings. It all went swimmingly, but I’m glad it’s over. In the evening, we took a flight back home to Austin, short trip. I read No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July on the plane. She is my new best friend. My new best friend who I don’t really know but who authored this book that I totally connect with. I love her.

 Wednesday, Nov 14

Back from the Big Bad Business Trip. I had arranged Wednesday and Thursday off weeks ago, before I knew we’d be going to Cleveland. Any day off is a good day. But today I knew I’d be going to see the precious Swede we all know and love: Jens Lekman. In our excitement to mate with Jens, we arrived an hour or so early and walked over to Lovejoy’s for some beer. Jason was in the middle of his Pop Noir DJ set. He bought us some brews and we camped out with him and his records for awhile before going back to the Parish for Jens’ crooning. Lou needed to be up front, even if the bitches wanna fight, cause she is marrying Jens one day, so I grabbed her and elbowed the bitches outta the way. Luckily the people we were in front of happened to be friends of Ls so we didn’t actually have to fight. Whew. The show was lovely. It’s a bit of an understatement, but he’s just so mellow and wonderful. After Lou proposed to Jens, we went to Antone’s for the French House DJ thing. Danced a bit, but Aaron wasn’t impressed and even though I couldn’t stop my lower half from bustin’ moves, I was tired so we ditched Lou and went home.


Thursday, Nov 15


You know, I don’t remember much about this day, except that I went over to Aaron’s mom’s house to do some laundry and then I had Russian Class. I had a lot of homework, and barely made a dent into it prior to class. I missed the awkward first class after the party because I was out of town, but this class wasn’t that awkward after all. Even with the mystery-illness and all. Obviously I am just paranoid and weird and I’m sure professors collapse at the parties they host all the time, and that the attendees just continue on like nothing happened… all the time.

I met up with Aaron at the Mohawk. He was working the door and I have gf rights, so let me in. Trans Am was headlining, but the acts were dragging ass or something, because it was after 1am and the second band was still going on forever and ever so I left without seeing Trans Am. I’ve seen them before so I’m not heartbroken or anything. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed L.A.X. and My Education immensely. L.A.X. is actually from the ATX (ok, so they lose points for dumb name, they still have lots of points left over). They were danceable and I will be happy to see them play around town again. My Education is a band filled with talented musicians. Their rock is pretty, like it was put through a rock tumbler. (OK, now I lose points. Eat me.)

Friday, Nov 16

Back to work. Not complaining. I was happy to be back. Catch up on thangs. Everything ran smoothly without me there, so I was proud of the team and all that.

After work Aaron and I went to see American Gangster. Fine flick. Dozens of cameos. Everyone is in this film. (((WARNING: FANNY FATIGUE.))) It was 2 hours and 45 minutes long. Frank Lucas goes into the jungle to obtain the purest heroin, Aaron and I simultaneously lean over to each other and whispered, “Now, that is real gangster.”

Saturday, Nov 17

I completed all of my Economics homework. I feel good about that.

I had dinner at Dad’s. I feel good about that.

After dinner, Aaron and I walked up to the sold out Aesop Rock how at Emo’s and asked if we could get in. We got in. I was already drunk because I had been at my dad’s earlier and had multiple drinks (it’s hard to get out of there sober), so we didn’t stay the whole evening but we were there for a few songs. I had a mean hankering for a Hot Dog King dog, so we split and I got a hound dog. Mission accomplished.

 Sunday, Nov 18

Sacred Sunday Morning Mexican Breakfast. Yes, every Sunday morning we eat Mexican breakfast foods.

Today’s pick: Juan in a Million.


“DON JUAN” – El Taco Grande
A secret combination of potato, egg, bacon and cheese in a deliciously hot tortilla. $3.25

 We both chose the college-kid favorite: The Don Juan. It’s about 4 tacos worth of breakfast-taco-goodness in one taco. So, I’ll also be eating this for dinner. Yum.  I used the day to catch up on some homework, but pretty much slacked off in that department in favor of watching Luc Besson’s new movie: Angel-A.  The photography in this movie is amazing. And Rie Rasmussen is smoking hot. The plot reminded me of Wings of Desire or City of Angels. I recommend it.



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