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austin winter March 8, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — slova @ 7:51 pm

the weather has been flirty. it’ll tease for a few days of gorgeous sunshine and then dip into a chill. overall, the austin winter is to die for. you get to pull out a sweater and a scarf now and again, but just when you’re tired of it, the sun comes out like your best gay friend and you feel like you’ve taken happy drugs.

i walked over to 51st and caswell to the korean baptist church’s garage sale/car wash and bought their freshly made bulgogi, rice and dumplings. i had to pass the 4 mexican dudes working on a caswell house both ways and control my urge to cuss them out as they whistled and “hey”d me. because calling someone an asshole on such a beautiful afternoon would be a travesty – unless it’s during a very loud conversation with friends while drinking beers at the austin psych fest at the red barn where i’ll be later this afternoon!

for now though, i’ll sit on my porch and do my homework, while enjoying the lovely “spring” foliage in my front yard.


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