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Blazing Saddlebags September 19, 2008

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So tired of being so tired...

"So tired of being so tired..."


i am so tired. too tired to study. too tired to complete work tasks. too tired to do the dishes. too tired finish art projects. too tired to complete any one thing and yet trying to multi-task through all. i’m exhausted. i am not sure what’s wrong with me. i am taking my daily vitamins, going to the gym and getting to bed at a decent hour.  my school load is lighter than it has been in recent semesters. i am going to up my gym visits and lighten up on the caffiene. hopefully that will help, because each morning i wake up completely unsatisfied with the sleep i’ve had the night before, and i drag throughout the day fatigued and longing for nap-time. what’s wrong with me?

i will update this blog soon with actual things. it’s on my list. my every-growing, mother-hucking list.




One Response to “Blazing Saddlebags”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’m on here now! And I’m sorry you’re tired. I go through phases of that, too. Don’t know why or what causes it. I also go through phases of INEXPLICABLY GAINING TEN POUNDS IN A MONTH, even though I’m still doing yoga, still working long hours of incredibly active jobs, and eating less junk food and sugar than I’ve eaten in months. Being fat and tired sucks even worse than being tired and tired.

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