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Happiness. September 26, 2008

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Tarsems The Fall

Tarsem's The Fall

Lately I’ve been given to stress, anxiety, fatigue. But here’s the thing. I’m so happy right now. I’m doing things I want to do, I’m in love, my friends are amazing, I am so busy doing really fun things. SO. I am going to be more positive and reprogram my thinking. I have so much to be grateful for… I just need to think about that the first thing in the morning to set the tone for my whole day.

That said, HOLY SHIT, have you seen The Fall? It’s my new favorite movie! It’s like visual crack. Not that I know anything about crack. But seriously, it’s gorgeous. (I mean, no matter what you thought about The Cell, you can’t say it wasn’t neat to look at… Same guy.) More importantly, I love the story and the child Tarsem cast in the main role is AMAZING. She is the most adorable little Russian girl, and seems to just be genuinely happy, doesn’t seem to be acting. Anyway, rent this movie. Heart.

Tonight I’m going to see Gnarls Barkley! And then tomorrow night I am going to see the Butthole Surfers and/or Hot Chip. I am actually really pleased about not going to ACL this year and just going to the off-Zilker shows.

Oh, quick brag about niece: I sent her a letter and asked her what her favorite animal is (she is two years old) and my sister said, “When I asked her what her favorite animal was, she first said a panda bear, then she said Saint Juliana.” Aw, I love you Juliana!


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