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Better Than A Gold Star… October 2, 2008

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Firebird by Ivan Bilibin

Monday, I left my Russian notebook in class. Tuesday, I drove to campus during my lunch break at work to see if it was at the Lost & Found. The campus police just snarled at me and said, “No.” On my way back to the car, a fellow student asked me if I had jumper cables, which I know I should, but I don’t. I gave her a ride to her uncle’s shop and she said, “See.  There are good people out there, like you.  You never know.  Maybe tomorrow, your notebook will turn up.”  That night, my professor e-mailed me that he had found my notebook.  Hurray!  I didn’t lose my notebook.  But even better than that, on Tuesday, when I found out it wasn’t in the lost & found, and I had just wasted my lunch break driving downtown to from 360, it was okay. I didn’t lose my shit.

When my notebook was returned to me, there was a note from my Russian professor that says, “This is a great notebook, Irene. Instead of a gold star, you get these Russian Seed packages” with a color copy of three different varieties of Russian seeds. How sweet is that?


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