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happy-ings. November 19, 2008

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Time to say thanks to the cosmos for happy-ings via blog-post.


Happiness Shrine

Happiness Shrine



Jason came to visit Austin to cure his homesickness. We went to FunFunFun Fest and he got to hang with some of his good friends. It was good to see my brother. (The Move-Jason-Back-to-Austin-Committee was in full effect.)In fact, I am happy to say that I have seen every one of my immediate family members (father, mother, sisters, brother, niece) in the span of one month!  (Now I MUST visit my grandmother, and soon!)  Hurray family ties!


 Speaking of festival fun, FunFunFun Fest was AWESOME! I got to see the Dead Milkmen (here is my youtube clip of Stewart!) with my brother (who intro’d me to the Dead Milkmen in the first place). I also got to party with the kids at the Dan Deacon show. That dude is the shiznit (i.e. party magic). The downside of the fest was that they didn’t prepare the ground and it is super-dry here. Therefore, Waterloo Park was a giant dustbowl which did major damage on my sinus cavities and lungs. (Better ground preparation next time, FFF folks!) All told, it was a great time and absolutely worth the mere $50 ticket.




Ok. This is really weird, but also really awesome. The last two times I had to fill my tank with gas I did something I never do. I COMPLETELY filled the tank. To top it off (har, har) the total cost was no more than $20 each time!  Hurray for artificially inflated and now deflated gas prices!


The semester is nearing a close. I can feel it. I am ahead of schedule in my Art course and simply have to finish my cute little art project to turn in next week and I’m done. I just have to make it through my Russian final and oral report and I’m golden. Whoo!


New President

I know that it’s not going to be a magical transition and make everything alright immediately. I’m not completely irrational. But I am 100% excited about Barack Obama as the next president. The morning after election night, I panicked when I realized I hadn’t immediately purchased a newspaper to save this moment in history for posterity. Then, on NPR I heard that newspapers were unavailable nationwide.  I stopped at a 7-11 in the afternoon to check it out, hoping to find a paper. No luck.  NPR was right as usual. By the end of the day, however, I had my paper. Aaron’s mother, Sue, had saved us a copy.  She’s rad. Anyway, I am so, so, so happy about this (I am not going into the sadness over Prop 8 because this is a happy blog-posting, k thx).

i save the fish

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“In the best times of my life I always think I am making room, even more room in me. Here I shovel away snow, there I raise aloft a piece of fallen sky; there are superfluous lakes, I let them run out (I save the fish), overgrown forests, I drive crowds of apes into them, everything is astir, but there’s never enough room, I never ask why, I never feel why, I just have to keep making room, on and on, and as long as I can do so, I merit my life.” —Elias Canetti


carrina November 16, 2008

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a photo mosaic for my friend. sometimes we communicate through pictures. in this one, i am saying to her, “carrina.”




september & october foodz November 14, 2008

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foodz i created last 2 months. i eatz yumz. (more pictures linked below.)

i got a recipe book called The Food You Crave by Ellie Kreiger and it’s basically healthy-ish versions of favorite foods. so i experimented with some of them. the first was this baked mac and cheese made with pureed winter squash.  it was really good, but i have to say it doesn’t compare to mom’s (which is also pictured later).

4 Cheese Macaroni

 poor aaron. i love cooking chicken. anything with chicken. it’s so versatile. and oftentimes, so simple. also using a recipe from Ellie Kreiger, i made Tuscan-Style Chicken and Vegetables (recipe here)which involved very little preparation, as the chopping is in large bits.  i also added a small portion of wheat pasta with primavera and grated parmesan cause i’m awesome like that.  the chicken and veggies themselves are a really filling meal and for the record, the leftovers save really well.

the last of my Ellie Kreiger book recipe-tries for this blog entry is Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo (recipe here).  this was super-fast to make.  (confession. i have a new love: Pacific’s Organic Free-Range Low-Sodium Chicken Broth – they make them in really small packages of 1 serving size for cooking purposes and it is really convenient.  i think i just officially became a foodie-nerd.)  this was a delicious, tangy, comforting soup and i will make it again.  adding the lemon-egg mixture the recipe calls for makes it smooth and creamy.
next up. family food fun. i visited my mom and sisters on the east coast last month and we ate well. the best part was making it all together.  the first morning in town, my sister, Rebekah, made “Daddy Pancakes” – my grandmother’s recipe for sweet breakfast crepes, dubbed “Daddy Pancakes” in my family since they were not the kind Mom made.
the same evening, my sister, Christina, made New England Clam Chowder. it hit the spot on a chill, rainy day.  (I was also psyched about her amazingly large, magical-looking wooden spoon!)
next day, my mom made her baked mac and cheese  (which is actually my Nana’s old recipe).  
my sister and i made apple pie for dessert. when it was finished, we ate it with fresh-made pumpkin ice cream. BLAZAAM!
that’s it for food. for now. i’m hungry.

for my birthday November 11, 2008

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buy me this swing, plz. kthxbai. 

 i will swing all day