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broadus February 24, 2009

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my puppy

my puppy

um, hi. i have the best dog evar. yesh, i got a puppy. yesh, he is the best in the whole wide world and i love him to pieces. i am overcome with happiness and puppy-timez.

i will blog to the world about him when i finish my homework.  tons of pictures up on the flickr.


4 Responses to “broadus”

  1. Yes, you do have the best puppy evar…BUT STOP SPOILING HIM, RENE! HE’S DOMINANT ENOUGH AS IT IS!!!

    Love you. 🙂

    • slova Says:

      DUDE. I am NOT spoiling him! I work him HARD. He *is* uber dominant, but I WILL BREAK HIM and he will be the BEST MOST TRAINDEST DOG EVAR! He doesn’t have lots of toys, doesn’t get lots of treats, doesn’t get froo-frood. He gets good old fashioned walks and lots of ’em. Lots of training sessions, too! Last night I started training him to jump through my hula-hoop. It is a work in progress. Haha. Love you! Please hang out with me soon. Kthx.

  2. Uh huh. I believe you.

    Oh, but actually, it would be a good idea to give him some foraging/puzzle toys to put in his crate with him. That will keep him occupied and help burn off some energy while he’s alone in the crate during the day. I can send you links to good toys if you’re interested.

    I love you, too! I WANT to hang with you soon, as long as it’s a FREE activity, since I am SUPER ULTRA BROKE. As in, I don’t have March’s rent and don’t know when I’m going to get it. 😦

    When are you available?

    • slova Says:

      Send me the links! I am very interested in doggy-puzzles! I’m pretty broke too, so maybe we can go to the park on Sunday afternoon?


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