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sxswha? March 28, 2009

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Jucifer @ Emos

i saw some bands. including the following:

Damaged goods @ red 7
Jucifer @ emos annex
Austin music awards @ austin music hall – shangrila best new club. The
dicks w. David yow
Redxredm @ 710

Vivian girls @ mohawk
Natccu @ creekside
Peelander Z @ creekside
Kid daytona @ scoot
Madgods tour bus

Glasvegas@ beauty bar
Semiprecious weapons @ beauty bar
Juliette lewis and the romantiques @ beauty bar
Gza with the Black Lips @ the compound
Dinner at koriente gza there
XYX @ spiro
Wildlife @spiros
These are powers @ club deville
Cage @ deville
Gator @ creekside
Homeboy sandman from alk collective @ creekside
Did not see new york dolls totally filled with lames and baby boomer
assholes bad vibes left after waiting too long for pizza instead.
Gil mantera @ parish downstairs
Kid sister @ club deville

Guns that shoot knives at the typewriter museum
Pterodactyls @ typewriter
Redxredm again @ typewriter
Cool kids and the kidz in the hall@ momos
Aids wolf @ mohawk
Asher roth and the cool kids @ vice
Health @ mohawk

pics on flickr.


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