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yesteryear + nowadays June 4, 2009

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Dear Public Diary & Friends:

from my flickr set Bastrop '05


Whew! Life, man. I know, right? F’serious. It’s krazazay.

It’s been awhile since I whined about it publicly. Jkjkjk. I do that all the time, with Twitter and Facebook and other futuristic forms of communication. I have sorely neglected this blog thing.

I used to post on the regular. In fact, I just went through and read my old LiveJournal posts (‘member LiveJournal? Didn’t think so…) Oh, me. I was such a bebe. A cute bebe! I also imported all of my silly old posts to THIS blog, for your convenience as well as my own.
Happy archive-trolling! (There’s even a post from ’05. Holy hasenpfeffer!)

Sincerely. Yours. ForEVAR.

PS: I also updated my blogroll to include some Mighty Fine Bloggery that I read religiously: my dear buddy Louisa Lee’s new heartbreaking, amaxxxing design blogchute (soon to be featured on Chronique) and the ever-jocular and fabulous, many-talent-hat-wearin’ Kate Getty’s new blog-bounce-machine. Gopherit. RSS it. You know you want to.