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Little Stolen Moments August 29, 2009

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I’ve posted about Little Stolen Moments before, I know. But this is just Reason Why I Love Austin #1,370.

New video from Little Stolen Moments. Remember, my dears, it is 105 degrees here and they are dancing their booties off outside. Much love.


Humpday Poppin’ August 12, 2009

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Happy Wednesday! Pop, lock and drop it…


Flynt Flossy for FRIDAY! August 7, 2009

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Happy Friday!


Hello, summer

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Restful waking
Watery eyes, itchy nose
Yellow, pink or seagreen
Coffee burned tongue, sunburned cheeks
Hula hoop hips, shadow lashes
Body immersed in a body of water
Safety, elation, gratitude, wonder


Humpday Krump August 5, 2009

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Happy Humpday! KRUMP IT UP!

“Knowin’ is half the krump!”

Krumpin’ to dub…



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Constellation by Rob Hunter



The Master stays behind
that is why she is ahead;

She is detached from all things
that is why she is one with them

Because she has let go of herself
she is perfectly fulfilled.

-Tao Te Ching


You’re cake and ice cream… August 2, 2009

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Aaron and I have been together for 6 years now. Lovelovelove.