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saturday/summer’s over! September 26, 2009

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the weather has been absolutely gorgeous after days of rain.

got to see lots of beautiful people i haven’t seen in awhile last night.

i’ve gotten my first week of classes under my belt and all my projects are completed early. short sessions can be tough, but as long as i’m ahead i’ll be ok if anything presents itself later (i.e. job).

i adore my algebra professor who, when going through the syllabus came upon “Scholastic Dishonesty,” said,”Basically, don’t do it. We’ll get angry and choke you out.” He explained word problems as if they were written by Yoda. he danced when someone’s “in da club” ringtone went off in class. he is proud of being “the only professor with a moneyback guarantee” and puts $5 bills on the blackboard so that if you call him on a mistake you get paid. awesome.


i’m poor.

had to take puppy to the vet yesterday because of what appeared to be eye infection. $126 later they give me what amounts to neosporin to put on his eye.

some douchebag hit my car and smashed my tail-light and drove off.  it was far enough away that it was seen but could not see license plate of said douche.


taking the dog to the dog park today. exercising today. reading today. cleaning my house today.

coffee. and basically no spending of any money whatsoever.


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