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now October 21, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — slova @ 6:15 pm

one of my biggest personal flaws? impatience.

i want things, i want things done, and i want it all now. i am learning to take things a step at a time, but the pleasure i get from crossing something of my never-ending list is so great that i wonder if i will ever truly learn to be in the moment, enjoy the process, and all those other things that require patience and the chillaxity of not being in control. that’s right, chillaxity.

having an uncertain future in the realm of employment has been a real turning point for me. things are up in the air. i can’t control everything – each new day presents new opportunities, new obstacles.

so, i’m learning to let go. a little bit at a time.

but. i’d still like to do it: now.


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