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Wake up. October 11, 2010

Filed under: exercise,self-improvement — slova @ 3:10 pm

I want this Rusko shirt.

The morning has always been a struggle for me. Although I have had jobs that require me to be in by 7 am before, there is nothing I hate more than waking up to an alarm clock. My eyes are heavy. All I want to do is snuggle into my pillow and pull the blankets over my head. “Just five more minutes.” The snooze button becomes my guardian angel at 6:30am. It is the only thing saving me from the cruel reality of waking up.

It’s unfortunate that I was diagnosed with mild narcolepsy at the age of 11. From then on I was completely justified. I was given a license to sleep. In all truth, I can fall asleep anywhere… anytime. (As I’ve gotten older, I wonder if that diagnoses still holds. Probably time for another sleep study.) Sleep disorders aside, the reason I don’t want to wake up in the morning evades me. I love walking my dog, I don’t hate my job, and I squeal with excitement upon scratching any to-do item off my list… With the extra hour or two in the morning, I could be exercising, reading, and preparing for my day instead of waking up after slamming my index finger into the snooze button for an hour.

No excuses. Not putting it off any more. I know the Greeks say that Tuesday is an unlucky day to begin any undertaking, but I am just going to have to defy the Greeks here.

It’s you and me, 6 AM Tuesday morning! I’m comin’ for ya…

Post-script: I’m going to use this helpful tips list, but let me know if you know something I should know about getting up early. Are you an early riser? How do you do it?


2 Responses to “Wake up.”

  1. Damien Says:

    Waking up in the morning is tricky. I set my alarm at an odd time… I set my alarm for 7:23 or something, never something easy for my sleep-addled mind to comprehend. Then, when my alarm goes off and I check the clock to see what time it is, there’s a couple of seconds of brain-lag while I figure out the time, where I have to be and when, and how much fuck-offery I can indulge in before the bus comes. Also, snoozing makes me tireder than I would be if I just hopped out of bed, so I try to not snooze my alarm and just hop out of bed.

    I also wake up intermittently throughout the night and drink from the pint of water on my bedside table. This gives me the gift of a weighty bladder at wake-up-time, so that helps propel me out of bed, too. FACT!

    • slova Says:

      I really like the water idea, Damien! I do need to be “propelled” from my bed in the morning! I’ll try the odd-time setting thing as well… Maybe 5:56 will trick my sleepy brain.

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