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what am i? chopped liver? April 2, 2007

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no one invited me for passover this year! i’m serious! i’m seriously upset! (i am, however, stocked up on matzos.) i will go to the gym and work out – i’ll represent my people at the gym.

also, for anyone who thinks i was being a heartless bitch, i did go ahead and call my dad that night to let him know that grandma was indeed out of the hospital and at home (right next door). i come from such high strung people, man.

this free movie thing is awesome. we watched spike lee’s when the levee broke yesterday. very good. highly depressing. i’ll get used to this new schedule. i still get aaron on monday and tuesday nights. plus, way more opportunities for girls night on fridays and saturdays, eh?

i am getting a bunny.


and i let it pass. March 31, 2007

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dad calls me to tell me that he thinks grandma had a stroke and is in the hospital and could i call his sister leslie (since they don’t speak to eachother) and find out which hospital she’s in. i get this in a message. i call leslie immediately, and she, exhausted, tells me that grandma had a “mini-stroke” (sounds cute, don’t it?) but is okay and now at home. so i don’t call dad back. he lives next door to them for god’s sake. retarded. i feel guilty.

aaron quits his job at the flower company and is working at i love video where they’ve cleared my late fees and now give me free movies for life. his hours are at night, when i get home from work. it will take some getting used to. maybe i’ll actually get some work done. i miss him already. but it’ll be a fine change.

i can never get myself to sit down to complete my coursework, because there is always something more interesting to be doing. like anything else besides that. and i feel guilty.

i am not going to the family reunion. i’m not going because i don’t want to put up with the inevitable bullshit, and if it is at it’s best, spend a week with a bunch of strangers i’m related to. i feel guilty. they’ll write me out of their wills. blacklist me from their inheritance receiving.