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delirium. April 13, 2007

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i have a low-grade fever: 99.4. cough. allergies.

cadbury fruit & nut. aspirin. green tea with ginseng.

watched shortbus.

listed work projects. delaying the work part.

national skyline musics putting me under its spell.

read vonnegut in memoriam.

lonely. tired. restless. jittery.


a woman in trouble February 25, 2007

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i’ve been awake for 8 hours all weekend. i’ve been sick. i hoped it wouldn’t happen. the government has something to do with this, i just know it. everyone at my job has been out sick and everyone at aaron’s job has been out sick. i went out this morning for kolaches and everyone had the same red nose as me. everyone’s combating this plague. i’ve been fighting a cough for about a week, but didn’t think much of it. power of positive thinking and all that. then, on friday, i left early to go see barak obama speak at auditorium shores. i will upload photos of this event later (quick highlight: aaron neville’s brother and sister sing “i don’t think you’re ready for obama, i don’t think you’re ready for obama, i don’t think you’re ready for this; obama’s too suavalicious for ya, babe” – i’m not lying; my friend cici was the interpreter for the speech and i was so proud of her, up there in front of 20, 000 people speaking to the deaf! cici rules!; it rained and i think this is what finally did me in).

so, i’ve been inside for about 48 hours now. just watched david lynch on klru/pbs’ texas monthly. i like his weird hand tick. according to louisa, he has a daily l.a. weather diary, i don’t know where this is. i did, however, find his new movie inland empire‘s italian trailer.

nothing to do but homework, eat chicken noodle soup, forego the parties and watch the oscar’s at home.


meh + feh + poo February 22, 2007

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i just found out that my old friend is engaged.

i feel sick.

and i feel weird for feeling sick about it. emotionally and physically sick even though we’ve been out of touch for a long time. the forefront of my brain says i’m not jealous, but these signs tell me my frontal ain’t working properly. but jealous of WHAT? i wouldn’t want to marry him, and i am more than ok with not being married. so it’s not that, that’s icky.

maybe it isn’t jealousy. maybe it’s the finality of things that makes me feel awful.

i tried not to be snarky when i found out, but my response was simply, “mazel tov! when? how exciting and settled.”

i actually said settled. what is my problem? i am so rude. but i’m annoyed!

why do people have to grow up? and change? why am i so horrid about keeping in touch with people?

i am in a bad mood right now.