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rubbin’. June 26, 2007

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some days: work is cream-pie-gravy-cake.

 i just got a 20 minute massage in between reports, courtesy of my boss.

the rest of the office is eagerly awaiting their turn on the table.


emulsion of work & living May 21, 2007

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this past week was great. 

i took wednesday off of work so that i could spend it with aaron. i slept in late, we got breakfast, went to the museum, to the movies, i scrubbed my bathroom and cleaned my house. it was a really great day. if i could have a week off in the middle of the week every week i don’t think i would ever complain again. thursday night i went out to claypit for jen biundo’s birthday. i met some new people, and more importantly, filled myself full of delicious indian seafood.

it’s been really hard to find a balance with work and a social life because i’m just so damned exhausted after work. not to mention finding time to exercise and take care of my house and personal projects.  it’s mostly a matter of me needing to make a very concerted effort.  i need to work more on things that matter to me outside of the 8-5 before i go mad.  it’s hard to work 40 plus and try to finish school and get anywhere, but aaron and ron talked me down when i played with the idea of slowly moving out of my position. 

friday night i went to jen brown’s bye-bye boobie party. she had boobie-shaped cupcakes, balloons, everything.

i was supposed to meet louisa after she got off of work at 8, but when i got there (by bus) she told me she wouldn’t be getting off until 11 at the earliest, but would meet me there. she never showed up since she didn’t have her ID on her, but the night was saved since i got to hang out with my new found friend crystal. she’s a dollface.

saturday i dropped in on my grandmother’s house and saw the ginormous house she lives in (3 stories!). we made lambchops, potatoes and corn on the cob together and ate it outside. she was adamant that i eat ice cream. and talked non-stop about how happy my brother was to get the afghan she made him (“purple and yellow! it’s what he wanted!”).

 this week i will:

  1. clean out my car

  2. go to the gym often

  3. play outside

  4. call my mom

  5. hunt for my future bike

  6. get my sewing machine fixed



delirium. April 13, 2007

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i have a low-grade fever: 99.4. cough. allergies.

cadbury fruit & nut. aspirin. green tea with ginseng.

watched shortbus.

listed work projects. delaying the work part.

national skyline musics putting me under its spell.

read vonnegut in memoriam.

lonely. tired. restless. jittery.


a woman in trouble February 25, 2007

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i’ve been awake for 8 hours all weekend. i’ve been sick. i hoped it wouldn’t happen. the government has something to do with this, i just know it. everyone at my job has been out sick and everyone at aaron’s job has been out sick. i went out this morning for kolaches and everyone had the same red nose as me. everyone’s combating this plague. i’ve been fighting a cough for about a week, but didn’t think much of it. power of positive thinking and all that. then, on friday, i left early to go see barak obama speak at auditorium shores. i will upload photos of this event later (quick highlight: aaron neville’s brother and sister sing “i don’t think you’re ready for obama, i don’t think you’re ready for obama, i don’t think you’re ready for this; obama’s too suavalicious for ya, babe” – i’m not lying; my friend cici was the interpreter for the speech and i was so proud of her, up there in front of 20, 000 people speaking to the deaf! cici rules!; it rained and i think this is what finally did me in).

so, i’ve been inside for about 48 hours now. just watched david lynch on klru/pbs’ texas monthly. i like his weird hand tick. according to louisa, he has a daily l.a. weather diary, i don’t know where this is. i did, however, find his new movie inland empire‘s italian trailer.

nothing to do but homework, eat chicken noodle soup, forego the parties and watch the oscar’s at home.


flora y fauna February 14, 2007

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oh, and since it’s valentine’s day, i thought i would rub THIS in your faces!

loverpant's floral design #42

my sweetheart is divine.