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microeconomics January 20, 2007

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today, my unlimited wants were momentarily satisfied by the allocation of all my monies to bob moore at toyota champion.  i bought this 2007 toyota corolla. it’s so cute! not a yaris as i originally wanted, but this was only 10 bucks more a month for me and a much better value. i have a car! did i tell you this yet?!! i have a flippin’ vehicle! i can give my boyfriend’s sister back her car she so graciously let me borrow while she was studying in montreal. [scottish accent rolling: frrrrrrreedom!]

it’ s all MINE!!! (well, ok, you’re right: mine and the bank’s – HA!) bob says, if i refer a friend to him, and they buy a car, he will even send me a check for $100. (yes, you’ve done the math, folks!  the numbers don’t lie! i’ll send bob 480 people every 12 mos and ….. ok, maybe not.)

classes started last week during the ICE HARVEST. ok, was it just me or were those newscasters perpetuating unnecessary fear so they could have their 72 hours of glory, knowing we’d be glued to the weather station while we’re eating, drinking hot chocolate and screwing for 3 days? i didn’tgo back to work until thursday. it was kindof nice and amazingly enough, everyone at work was able to have everything done to leave by 4 o’clock friday.  sucky thing was that i was sick for those three “snow days.” josh, aaron and i were getting ancy on tuesday night, so we trekked out into the glorious sleet to one of the only open establishments in hyde park area: flightpath. we would have gone to epoch as they were open, but they’re goddamned heater was broken, no. i hate flightpath. you whisper, and people are still all up in your biznass because they can’t help but hear everything you say. it was eerily quiet, especially since it was packed to the gills. we couldn’t stay too long, after some coffee and PIE (it deserves capital letters, OK?!) we bailed in search of beer. what bar would possibly be open within walking distance? barfly’s of course. at least it’s good for sumthin. some other friends were brave enough to walk for some booze as well. good times. still trying to beat this cough – i really shouldn’t have gone out, but it made me happy and that’s what really matters, k? mk.

like i said, classes started. one of my only new year’s resolutions was/is to hang out with friends more, but be prepared for some rainchecks still. i get muy stressed. or at least be prepared to force me out of my stresshaze.

oh, i miss jason and monica already. they came to visit on the fly last weekend right before “ice storm ’07” hit. will post pictures and write more when photos present themselves.